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Buried Secrets Paranormal Season 1 Episode 5: Panhandle Inn Lockdown


Hello Dear Readers! Tis I The Oracle, as you know, here with another Review! As we
approach the Supernatural Drive-In, I have become aware of some special guests that we will
have. The members of the Buried Secrets Paranormal Team: Nathan Withers, Melody Hughes,
Beth Huffman, Lisa Bellar, Paige Ballard, Robby Brown, Tony DeAlessio, and Josh Pulliam! To
better prepare myself for their visit through the Portal I figured I’d watch an episode of their
show. And I did! Here is that review!

As I settled in to watch the Panhandle Inn episode of Season 1 of Buried Secrets
Paranormal, I was unsure about how I would properly review an episode of a television show.
But those fears were alleviated rather quickly as this particular episode proved to be a heavy,
substance filled affair. The Team returned to the Panhandle Inn in Panhandle, Texas where
Nathan was viciously attacked by a malevolent spirit years ago. To their surprise once they arrive
to complete their first ever ten-hour lockdown at the site, strange things begin to occur.
Those who have a hard time believing in the paranormal will still be enthralled in this
episode as they continue to roll the cameras throughout while the spirits play games with the
sound the aura and ultimately the structure of the environment. What makes this episode so
compelling is that Nathan and his team try their very best to debunk the astonishing footage they
have collected in their investigation, but to no avail.


This team delivered on all fronts if paranormal investigation is the sort of thing you go in
for and if you don’t, then I believe they do just enough to insert a little doubt. Wherever you fall
on the line, this team is was quite entertaining. I can only hope they bring some compelling
footage like this episode through the Portal to the Drive-In.

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