Shockfest is THE ultimate underground Film Festival experience, designed to break every convention in the book of the festival circuit and provide the highest value of entertainment, engagement and interactivity for both the filmmaker AND the audience member.  We organize multiple live and interactive events in 3 major cities (New York, Las Vegas, Hollywood) designed to highlight and showcase the works of those who submit their films and screenplays even before receiving the official selection notice for our main event at the end of the year, SHOCKFEST FILM FESTIVAL. 
A Submission to Shockfest is a submission to the world of the unknown..

Forget all the other film festivals...you just found the only one.

Meet the Shockfest Crew

Guil Claveria

Festival Director

Jeffrey macabre is everybody's favorite friend!  He's nothing like Guil, the former festival director.  He's much nicer and will give you lots of surprises throughout the year and will be sure to make Shockfest the very best time of your life!  Come to shockfest, submit your film and trust jeffrey with your life.  You will be glad you did!


Alesha Claveria

Operations Manager

Marion is the most beautiful creature on this or any other plane of existence.  She will bring you joy and love when no one else will and will be your biggest fan.  All you need to do is submit to her and she will show you wonders from the edge of this world to the beginning of then next.


Matt Rosvally

Production Manager

Matt is a long time entertainer and team member of the

Shockfest crew, having served as Production Manager for the film festival since 2013.  He is also the host of the Telly Award Winning Travel Series, Haunted Routes and has worked alongside the rest of the Shockfest team filling multiple roles on their various productions.

Candice Rollins

Event Coordinator

Candice is the in house editor and occasional Director of Shockfest Horror Factory.  She spends most of her time on the computer, creating the media, trailers and occasionally feature films produced by the Shockfest crew.  Her Director credits include the Telly Award Winning documentary, "Haunted Routes: Wicked West Coast" and "I Am Miranda: Chains Chainsaws and The Cricket".  She is a Horrorhound award winner, loves the film judging process and is excited to be a part of this year's Shockfest Film Festival.

Derrick Blacknall

Technical Manager

Derrick is a part time entertainer and a long time Shockfest crew member having worked with Shockfest on multiple projects from films, web series and film festivals. Whenever there's a Shockfest project in the works or a Shockfest film festival being held. You can be sure you'll see Derrick somewhere running around working, sweating, and hustling alongside the Shockfest Crew. 

Maribel Ramos

Technical Manager

I’m Maribel Ramos and for ten plus years, I have been part of the incredible team behind the horror film festival Shockfest. With experience in managing ticket entries, a judge for film entries and to more recently, a creative manager; I have been thrilled to grow with the film festival.

Jojo B. Aguilar

Technical Manager

Jojo Aguilar is a filmmaker, award winning martial artist and educator. He has taught at the local university and colleges in the Los Angeles area as well as with NASA’s Mars Exploration Team. His cinematic experience includes being in front of and behind the camera on films like New Line Cinema’s “Mortal Kombat.” He enjoys spending time with his children and two turtles.

Amanda Alston

Technical Manager

Born in Honolulu HI as a military navy brat and raised in SoCal after age 6.  Graduated with 4.0 from high school in 2001.  Graduated from Dental school with a 4.0 as salutatorian in 2004 before realizing I hated working on people’s mouths.  I started my bachelors degree in 2008. My very first day, sitting in class waiting for the professor, and in walks Guil. That class changed my life forever.  Within 3 weeks, Guil offered myself and one other student an internship.  I worked on the very first Shockfest with Guil in Hollywood...12 years later I’m still here!

Matthew Mayer

2020 Internship Program

Matthew is a student at Hofstra University on Long Island, studying Film Production & Studies. Before deciding to go to film school, Matthew grew up an avid horror fan and attended dozens of horror conventions. Once he graduates from school, Matthew hopes to continue writing and directing films, while staying immersed in a creative and artistic environment; however, in the meantime, Matthew is extremely excited to get to work and make a difference with the team at Shockfest.

Matthew Long

2019 Internship program

Matthew was a part of the 2019 Shockfest Internship under Guil Claveria’s guide. Matthew has an interest in costume design and has owned his own business of creating customized costume designs and fabrication since 2014 and is still going strong. Shockfest witnessed his proudest make, his mascot for his business “Blue Crown Creations” which was resurrected into a full body costume that was handsewn top to bottom all on his own. The mascot, a blue and black horse named “Matty” was spotted prancing around the venue, entertaining the masses alongside Jeffrey Macabre. Matthew has since joined a private medical school and is on track to becoming a flight paramedic while still making and designing customized costumes and short films on the side.

Rebecca Jimenez

2019 Internship program

Filmmaker. California born and raised but traveler at heart. Life is our raw material so let's go make some art with what we've got.