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Festival Outreach Coordinator (Part-Time/Seasonal)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Job can potentially be full time to the right candidate.

Contact Potential Participants


This is where our Festival Outreach Coordinator will rely on their communication skills. They are responsible for being the organization’s point of contact for potential programming and event gatherings. Festival Outreach Coordinator must be well-versed in speaking about the  benefits of our events and effective in communicating via social media.

Onboard Event Outreach 

Our Festival Outreach Coordinator is involved with outreach to filmmakers and sponsors who will be in attendance at all our events. Outreach to these participants involves helping them fill out paperwork, introducing them to the other professionals in various fields and must enjoy interaction with a multitude of creative artists.

Maintain Program Participation Log

Our Festival Outreach Coordinator is responsible for maintaining a log of all of the people they contact. This is a clerical task that involves basic computer skills, as well as proficiency with spreadsheet software and excellent interpersonal communication.

Participate in Management Meetings

Our Festival Outreach Coordinator is part of the festival team that involves coordinating filmmakers, patrons and sponsors. They have to attend these meetings and be an active participant (currently via Zoom Conferencing).

Outreach Worker Skills:

Our Festival Outreach Coordinator will spend most of their time communicating, so communication skills are a must. Those who succeed in this position truly enjoy having conversations via email, social media and over the phone/interpersonal contact. Our Festival Outreach Coordinator  must also be able to maintain a consistently positive and upbeat demeanor.  Our Festival Outreach Coordinator must be socially aware and have an above average perceptiveness to best understand the unique situation of each participant.

If you have these skills, please send us a resume. If you have the qualifications, we will set up a Zoom Interview immediately. Job must be filled by May 30. 2020.

*** Hardworking
*** Excellent Communication/ People Skills (Phone)
*** Online Communication Skills / Social Media Platforms
*** Experience working with Spreadsheets
*** Interest in Horror / Film / Escape Rooms
*** Good Writing Ability
*** Highly Organized and Detail Oriented
*** Creative and Artistic Thinker
*** Enjoy and inspired by interaction with Artist/Talent
*** Reliable Computer (Reliable Internet Connection)
*** Zoom Conferencing
*** 10 Hours a Week  

Please send a cover letter, resume and a short email to describing why you would like to work for Shockfest Horror Factory, LLC.


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